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Marina Songer, RVT, LVT has been in the veterinary field since 1987.  She began by managing and serving as the lead veterinary technician at a day practice for thirteen years, which taught her a lot about the precious bond between companion animals and their “moms and dads.”

She currently holds the position of hospital administrator which keeps her very busy since AUC services approximately sixty local referring veterinary hospitals.

Marina is a long time resident of San Clemente, where she lives with her husband of over thirty years, Dan, and their furry four-footed and feathered babies.

Administrative Staff

Aimee -  Bio coming soon…

Amy - Amy has worked in the field and at AUCC since 1998. Amy earned her B.A. from CSULB. She has always had a love for animals and wanted a career working with them. She has a sweet kitty named Willow, at home. In her free time she enjoys making handcrafted cards and spending time with her family.

Angela - Bio coming soon…

Brianna (Receptionist) - Brianna has been at AUCC since fall of 2016. Although she is new to the veterinary field, she has five years’ experience working with bunny rehab and rescue. She enjoys reading, baking, watching “Parks and Rec”, and participating in roller derby. She shares her home with her five-year-old Chow-mix rescue, Lincoln, and Frida, an adorable and feisty rescue kitten. She hopes to one day live in Joshua Tree, where she would like to hike every day and rehabilitate animals.

Jan - Jan has been in the veterinary field for over twenty years, after getting started through the ROP program. She has been at AUCC since 2008. Jan has raised countless kittens over the years and she does a great job as "mommy" to all the little orphans that cross her path. When she's not working or caring for kittens, she enjoys bike riding, going to the beach, and gardening. She shares her home with her sweet pup Skittles and her cats, Diggy and Lucy.

Jessica M.(Reception Supervisor) – Jessica has been in the veterinary field since 2002 and with AUCC since 2016. She loves to spend time with her beautiful son and daughter and their Cockapoo named Tucker. Jessica enjoys yoga, amusement parks and feeding chickens. She hopes to one day have a mini farm with rescue animals.

Kim (Receptionist) - Kim recently joined the AUCC team and has been working in the field for three years. She completed her degree in Veterinary Technology. Kim is a San Diego native, mother to two adorable girls, and has a dog named “Achilles” and a cat named “Olaf.” In her spare time, she enjoys baking, going to the beach, spending time with her children, and exploring the city. She aspires to become licensed and board certified in the field.

Technical Staff

Ana - Ana has experience in day practice and emergency and has been with us since 2006 (and has been in the field since 2004). Ana has two beautiful children who keep her very busy and an adorable Westie named Heather. Ana's hobbies include fishing, roller-skating and she actually aspires to be in the Roller Derby someday!

Ava, RVT - Ava has been in the veterinary field since 2008 and joined AUCC in 2014. She has an Associates Degree in Biology and her RVT license. Ava shares her home with 3 cats and 2 dogs, Phoebe and Roo . She has a passion for rescue animals and wildlife rehabilitation. In her spare time Ava enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband, pottery, hiking, working out, and vegan baking.

Brigitte, RVT, LVT - Brigitte got started in her career through a family friend who was a veterinarian and has been in the field since 2000. She started at AUCC in 2006 and loves it! She has a B.A. in Religious Studies from Vanguard University. In her free time Brigitte enjoys baking, volunteering at her kids’ school, and going to the gym. She is married and has four children; they share their home with a Brittany spaniel named Brody, a Cavalier King Charles named Charlie, and two cats, Benji and Popcorn.

Chris, RVT, LVT - Chris has been in the veterinary field and at AUCC since 2004. Chris enjoys computer and home theater install and repair, and he shares these talents with us in our IT department.

Ismael - “Ish” has been working in the field since 1995. He started at AUCC in 2000. He has a special interest in surgery. He shares his home with his wife and three sons, their cats Ripley, Chester, and Oscar, their dog, Seamus, and a bird, named Freddie. In his free time, Ish enjoys spending time with his family, watching wrestling, football, baseball, basketball, and admiring classic and low rider cars.

Jessica, RVT - Bio coming soon…

Jordan - Besides being a technician, Jordan does a fabulous job being a floor nurse (due to her excellent organizational skills!). She has been in the field since 1997 and has been at AUCC since 2010. Jordan enjoys hiking, dancing, swimming and traveling. She is "mom" to 2 cockatiels and an African Sulcata.

Melinda - Melinda has been in the field and at AUCC since 2007. She aspires to be a surgical technician in human medicine, and has already received her certification. She shares her home with her husband, her lovely daughter and baby boy and her kitty, Penelope. In her spare time, Melinda enjoys reading, going to the movies and spending time with her family.

Robert, RVT, LVT - Robert has been in the veterinary field since 1999. He got his start in veterinary medicine through an R.O.P. course in high school and has never looked back. Robert is a very experienced technician and he has worked in internal medicine, oncology, neurology, critical care and emergency practices (sometimes simultaneously!). He joined AUCC in 2002, and is currently in charge of managing inventory. He has a boisterous Boston Terrier named Hadji (who is his best friend), and Frenchie named Frankie B. When Robert's not working, he enjoys scuba diving, video games, cooking, and spending time with his lovely wife and little girl.

Ryan, RVT - Bio coming soon…

Samantha, Tech Staff (Shift Supervisor) – Samantha has been in the veterinary field since 2006 and at AUCC since 2015. Samantha graduated from PVAS in 2012. She is the youngest of five sisters. In her own time Samantha enjoys fostering kittens, spending time with family, hiking, the beach, music and concerts. Samantha has three beautiful rescues, a terrier mix named Norah and two cats named Morrison and Link. She’s also an avid Anaheim Duck’s fan.

Sarah D., Technician Assistant - Sarah joined the AUCC team in 2016 and has been working in the field since 2013. She is CVA and VNA certified, and has completed her coursework at Heritage College, in order to test for her RVT license. An avid horror film buff, Sarah enjoys costume make-up and fostering rescue kittens. She and her husband, David, share their home with two cats, “Clover” and “Goblin”, and a Rottweiler mix named “Coo Coo Ze Pants.” She hopes to have completed her RVT by April of 2017 and would like to pursue her goal to work with professional makeup and special effects studios. Sarah has also begun the process of adopting a child and hopes to soon be a first-time mom.

Jen L. – Jen has been in the veterinary field since 2015 and with AUCC since 2017.  She completed her Vet Tech Program at Platt College.  Jen enjoys horseback riding, hiking and working out.  She has a Quarter Horse named Daisy, a mini horse named Ducky, an Akita named Jet and a Belgian Malinois named Rocky.  Jen enjoys continuing to learn ER medicine and hopes to one day specialize in equine medicine.

Mimi – Mimi has been in the veterinary field since 2012 and has been with AUCC since 2017. She completed her tech program through Carrington College.  She enjoys spending time with her husband Kevin, her three dogs Lulu, Zoey and Asher and her cat Sarge.  Mimi likes to spend her time at home doing DIY renovations, trying new recipes, playing with her pets, playing board games and flipping cars with her husband.  Mimi hopes to obtain her RVT license soon,  someday travel internationally and volunteer in an overseas veterinary care programs.

Sarah L., Technician Assistant - Sarah has three years’ experience in the field and is new to the AUCC team. She earned her B.A. in Biology from Vassar College in 2016. Sarah enjoys playing the violin, working out, exploring the outdoors, reading, and photography. She enjoys spending time with her Australian Cattledog, “Aussie”, and her two new rescue kittens, “Loki” and “Indy.” Sarah hopes to one day pursue her goal of becoming a veterinarian.

Theresa, RVT, LVT - Theresa joined the AUCC team in September 2012 and has been in the field for 10 years. Theresa shares her home with her husband, their 3 children, and her three Pit Bulls Raiders, Rhino and Piglet, and a hedgehog name Lil Guy. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets, riding bikes, and swimming.

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